Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Light Project continued

Untitled, 2008
Jason Peters

The artist strung buckets together, illuminated from within. He was interested primarily in the "physicality" of the work and had not much to offer for added insight. Which sometimes, I think can be just as nice as a long explanation of what the artist was trying to achieve.

Crystal World (after J.G. Ballard), 2006

Anne Lislegaard This last installation, was based on the dystopian novel, Crystal World by James Graham Ballard in 1966. In the book, a doctor working in Africa runs in to a village that has an infection which is slowly turning everyone to crystal. The projected images contained excerpts from the book allong with images of a house slowly becoming more angular or "crystal-ish". You can see my sister, Caroline, in the above picture in the red jacket taking it in.

Last but not least, Elena, Caroline and myself spent some considerable time looking for the last of the 4 outdoor installations, one called Sunset by Spencer Finch. We walked past an ice cream stand about half a dozen times before giving up and walking to our car. Apparently, it was the ice cream stand. Yikes. So, no pictures of that work. Sorry!


Big B said...

Looks like a cool exhibit.

lucylucia said...

It was! Now, where are your pictures Mister!?