Monday, October 6, 2008


My favorite art museum in St. Louis is the Pulizter Foundation on Grand Avenue. It's a private art museum funded entirely by, you guessed it, the Pulizter family. I'll write more about it in later posts, but this is the first post about their "Light Project" which began with their exhibit of Dan Flavin light installations. In order to expand their Constructed Light exhibit beyond the bounds of the building, the Pulizter Foundation invited four artists to create outdoor light installations at various sites surrounding the building. The first, and my and many other's favorite, is Chorus by Rainer Kehres and Sebastian Hungerer.

Ranier and Sebastian began by requesting donated lamps from St. Louisians in the surrounding area, carefully listening to their stories as the lamps were being deposited. They chose the site of a burned out church about one block away and began constructing a new "roof". I thought it was absolutely delightful!

It's a one time exhibit and I am so glad I was able to see it. The Light Project will be on view through October 17th.


Mama Nae said...

That's so cool... I wish I ever left the house to go see all that the STL has to offer... Maybe someday I will get around to it... Until then - keep me updated with your pictures!

lucylucia said...

Yeah, it was really neat to see. You know, all you hav eto do is throw the kids in the car and drive on over! It's outside, so you could probably just park across the street to see it!