Monday, September 15, 2008


My friends, Hannah and Steve, inivited me to their home over the weekend to watch a Mizzou football game. I haven't been to a football game since High School so I readily accepted. We started the morning with some breakfast tailgating...yummy...

Hannah and the rest of the crew took turns throwing a football. I took turns heckling them.
Rain ponchos are just so flattering. I don't know why we ladies don't step out in them more often.

Fabulous Leah, ignoring the rain and still having a good time. I had a poncho on, mind you, and spent the first half of the game with my head down trying in vain to keep my glasses dry.

Eventually the rain/drizzle stopped and I was able to come out of my plastic shelter and enjoy the game. I don't really understand football, so the subtleties are lost on me - but I do know that Mizzou won.

Here was my favorite part of the game. I'm partial to the band nerds.

All in all I had a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to come up again and thanks for the lovely weekend Hannah and Steve!


Shay said...

That is such a cute picture of Leah and Hannah! They look adorable when "sporty"--but you, really, are setting that fashion bar high with the poncho. Is it the one John bought?

lucylucia said...

I wish!! I think we threw them all away before we left Six Flags. I went back to Target and bought one before we left for Columbia. Thank Goddness I did, because we really needed it that day!!