Thursday, September 4, 2008

An afternoon at the Park

My sister Aili decided to trek out to South City in order to spend time with the "Aunties" as she now calls us. After grabbing lunch we decided to take the kids to a nearby park and walk around.

Joe, bravely brandishing his Robin sword. The little dude is surprisingly accurate with it!!

I am not only a bunny whisperer, but a squirrel whisperer as well. Joe and I were watching the squirrels when I told him that I wanted to say hello. I'm sure the squirrels at the park must be used to being fed by humans - because he came right over to me. Imagine my and Joe's surpise! He got so close that I was afraid he was going to scamper up my pant leg!

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Shay said...

Mara is so cute! Caroline looks like quite the mother. BTW, I bought your B-day present today and it's on the way.