Sunday, August 3, 2008

Liquid Lights

Red Wine

Martini Olives

Some type of cranberry vodka?

Ice water, and my favorite of the five photos. I attended a wedding over the weekend of a dear friend and had a lovely time. It's not often that my old group of college/high school friends can get together and I cherish those times when we do. I took a ton of photos at the wedding and will most likely be posting them throughout the week.


Mama Nae said...

I like the ice water best too.... And the crandberry drink belonged to the pregnant girl: me! So it was just juice!

Can't wait for more pics!

lo said...

OMGOSH, Lu!!! The last two are AMAZING! The last one in particular would make a great wallpaper. :D

Shay said...

I love the ice water--it looks like something from the depths of Sauron--but less demonic. You know what I mean :)

lucylucia said...

You mean the depths of Mount Doom? Oh my, I love me some Lord of the Rings.