Friday, August 29, 2008


I don't post at work, but I just had to let you guys know how completely strange my morning has been! To begin with, Darcy, my cat, has diabetes. Which means that I have to give him insulin shots in the mornings and the evenings, every day. He takes his shots like a champ and always stays still until I'm done. Until today. For some reason, it might have been a loud motorcyle driving by, he twisted around and I ended up injecting myself with insulin instead. So, I wait 15 minutes, decide I am fine and drive to work. Once I get to work, I start joking around with everyone telling them what happened and they didn't think it was all that funny and suggested that I call poison control. So, I do and the lady on the other line tells me that I techinically should be going to the emergency room, but that as long as I eat a lot of carbs today and monitor my blood sugars, I should be fine. So that's what I am doing today - eating candy bars/chips and checking my blood sugars for the next 24 hours because that's how long the insulin will last in my system. I'm sure I will be fine, but what a crazy start to my day!!

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