Sunday, August 24, 2008

Festival of Nations

I had quite the weekend! St. Louis holds an annual Festival of Nations in Tower Grove and it is just such a fun place to go.

See those tall creepy figures in the background...well, welcome to my nightmare! When we wre living in Costa Rica, I remember seeing these dudes walking down our street during some festival. I was in my grandparent's yard watching everything when one of them stopped, turned around and started leaning towards me. Being 3 years old, I totally freaked out and ran into my grandparent's living room and proceeded to go in to hysterics. Anyways, growing up, I would have random recurring nightmares about these fellas and was shocked when I saw them walking around on Saturday. ugh.

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Shay said...

The Festival of Nations looks awesome. I can see why those things would freak you out--what was the rational behind them? I mean, they're not even animals or fantasy creature or anything. It's like putting on a costume of a larger version of an adverage person. That, in itself, is like walking into your own nightmare. The pictures are great, though--lots of color!