Monday, July 21, 2008

Passing the Time

I'm not sure why (especially because of how "noisy" (i.e., very grainy) it is), but I think this is my favorite picture so far. Maybe it's because I'm a naturally cluttered person and therefore enjoy a cluttered picture. Who knows? This was taken in Branson after an afternoon of shopping downtown. I'm surprised this dude didn't see me, as I rolled the car window down, asked my dad to slow down and leaned out of the window to take the photo! I have to say that I've been enjoying carrying my camera everywhere and snapping random photos. Some look good and most look silly, but it's been very fun so far. So, a big "Thank You" shout-out to my friend Janae!! I can't wait to see the pictures you're going to take of Logan!


Shay said...

Love this one! You got some great ones in Branson--I especially like the candy store. Rustic and charming.

lucylucia said...

Thanks babe! Yeah, Branson may have been tacky, but it offered up a lot of good photo opportunities.