Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Lights

My sister and her husband lived in St. Louis Hills for the first 3 years of their marriage back in 2001. When we would come to visit, I would always linger for a few moments looking at the apartment building just next door. I loved the corner window and imagined living there. Now, I actually do. I enjoy walking up to my little apartment at night and seeing the warm light comming out of the windows. I decided a couple of days ago to try and see if I could photograph the building at night and capture that warmth. The bottom photo is taken with flash (I hate flash lighting) and you can see how that light cancels everything out. The top photo I took without flash, but increasing the aperture to soak up the avaliable light (at least I think that's what it does) and it makes such a difference!


Lonely Paul said...


Mama Nae said...

I love your appartment - I think you captured the warmth of it well... although it's what resides within that really glows.... kiss kiss!

lucylucia said...

Oh you are being too nice!! Back at you babe!