Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th

Our friend Katie was able to make it out to the Lucas homestead afterall, and we had a great time swimming with Emma and playing with Ethan. This is a photo I took after we had gotten out of the pool and Emma was waiting to dry off enough to get her dinner. She decided to use her time wisely and let her barbie doll take a dip. She remarked earlier in the day that she should have brought her Ariel. So true.

Pauline's dog, Stella, is truly singular looking. I thought I would try and take a "portrait" of her since most of her photos consist of her turning her head away. Luckily it worked! Pauline, here is a picture of your baby - I'm glad I was able to get her tongue sticking out, I find this totally endearing.

Okay, here's me trying to find out how close I can get to a flower without the focus getting all fuzzy. Apparently, I can't get that close. I'm thinking there are settings for the camera to fix this, so hopefully I'll be able to post some nice close-ups sometime soon.

I love this picture. This is my sister Caroline enjoying the first sparkler of the evening.

I tried and tried all evening to get some great "exploding" firecracker shots - to no avail. Janae, I tried fiddling with the shutter speed settings, isn't that supposed to take the picture faster and make the action shots more clear?

This is all of us (that were able to stay until evening) lighting up the last of the sparklers. This photo was taken seconds before Hannah's 8 sparklers went up in flames and seriously almost exploded. That's what happens when we get cocky with sparklers...yeah, we all went back to two at a time after that.

I hope everyone had a great July 4th!!


Big B said...

It was good to see you. Thanks for all your help, we got the mirror hung last night, things looks great!

Anonymous said...

cute pictures! very fun! thanks for the stella pics! my god...she stood still for a whole 2 seconds.