Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Out of my element...

So, this is a picture of the New York skyline bordering central park - as taken from the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was getting close to evening, I had spent the entire afternoon trying to look at everything and was famished. I saw a sign that said that the museum had a "rooftop cafe" that was still open. That sounded good to me, so I took and elevator up and walked right in to what looked like a Vanity Fair photo shoot with beautiful people all around sipping martinis and cocktails - not actually looking at me, mind you, but their eyes kind of sliding over me as if I weren't there. Obviously, this place was not my scene. I wasn't going to leave before snapping a few pictures of the view, though. It really was lovely.

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Mama Nae said...

I love your pictures - you're like a world travler! BUT - I want to see some more new pictures! Use that camera! Do those lessons! Take random pictures and show them to us!
Love ya!