Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Farmer's Market

We had beautiful weather in St. Louis last Saturday. So, to the Farmer's Market in Kirkwood I went. It was the frist day of their transition to an outdoor Christmas Market so I was eager to see what goodies they had on display and met up with my mother and younger sister, Leanne.

It was mostly kitschy stuff like this wooden fellow below.

While the decorations were a bit of a disapointment, the small covered market was not! I was just full of yummy treats. Like the crushed peppermint candies that would be perfect for my holiday cookies.

My sister, Leanne (home from college for the week!), had quite the time choosing between all of the homemade jams.

After lunch, my mom led me to the promised land...also known as Cornucopia. It was full of specialty baking and cooking supplies. Hello. I love you, adorable square tart pan.

Hello, ridiculously expensive cast iron enamelware - want to come home with me?


Sarah M. Anderson said...

Funny, that ridiculously expensive cast-iron cookware wants to come home with me, too.

Julia said...

Ahhh, my dream is to have a le creuset set!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Art supplies, books and kitchen ware.

Danger! Danger!

I actually had to stop going into kitchen stores because I couldn't leave without plunking down at least $50 on stuff I never use.

Sigh. I love Le Creuset. I wonder if there are outlet stores in France...

LauraBlab said...

The photos are fantastic! I wish BA's Farmers Market was a little larger - they only have about 8 tables setup when they are open.

lucylucia said...

Sally & Julia - Which color would you choose?? I think I wouldlean towards the blue.

JAPRA - Surely you would be able to buy Le Creuset in France for less! Maybe Le Creuset is like Tupperware there.

Laura - When you come up we will visit Farmer's Markets until your heart's content.