Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's

We had New Year's at my parent's house this year. Of course this meant plenty o' baking for me as I will post about later. My mom was worried we wouldn't have enough food for everyone - as you can see above, we were fine (and that's just the desserts).

It was a great mix of old friends and new!

Elena appearing angelic - it's not much of a stretch for her!

It was lovely seeing everyone talking and having a good time.

iPhones and YouTube are just too we discovered with John's phone.

My nephew, Joe, was the first of the kids to wipe out. I couldn't resist.

The parents among us had to understandably leave before midnight. Ethan put up a good fight and outlasted a 5 year old by about an hour and a half! Katie and Matthew are going to have their hands full in about 18 years!

Happy New Year's to everyone and I hope that the coming year is full of blessings and love!


hellocayce said...

Sorry i didn't let you know we weren't coming. New Years Eve turned out to be kinda hectic for us.

lucylucia said...

No problem honey - we missed you and Janae, though!!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Happy New Year! What a lovely family celebration. They're the best :-) Love the photo of the little fellow sacked out in front of the fire!! And what a beautiful home.