Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

So, I took some great photos of our family's Thanksgiving table, cutes pictures of the kids running around and even some of our exhausted feet from Black Friday shopping - but you won't be seeing them. Instead, feast your eyes on Branson Missouri's "take" on a chandelier. My dad and I thought we were exchanging ipod chargers and I accidentally gave him my camera's usb connector, which means I can't get any photos off my camera and I will be regaling you all this week with old photos I've taken, but haven't considered posting up until this point. My Thanksgiving was wonderful, I hope yours was too!!


Anonymous said...

These Branson pics just never stop entertaining me. A fishalier? Fantastic.--Shay

hellocayce said...

Branson is a strange place... but totally fun!
It's your turn for a theme this week right? I think we're back on track now.