Sunday, December 5, 2010

Better Late?

than never right? I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My mom always goes all out on holiday dinners...

The kids even got their own table, the candle made them feel grownup! I think.

In other news, after two years insulin free, Darcy's diabetes is back and we've had to resume insulin shots. He's doing great now that his blood sugars are down and I'm hopeful we'll get him in to remission soon. You all should have seen the look on the pharmacists face when I came to pick up a prescription for "Darcy the Cat" as he is now in the Walgreen's system!


Julia said... sorry to hear that about Darcy! You will again get him off insulin again!

lucylucia said...

Thanks Julia! He's doing alot better now - but he was a total zombie last weekend.

Mama Nae said...

That's hilarious about him being in the computer at Walgreen's! Sucky about him having the Beetus.