Monday, September 21, 2009

Balloon Glow!!

Last Friday, Caroline and I went to Forest Park to see the Balloon Glow in Forest Park. Every year, the night before the Forest Park Balloon Race, the participants fill their balloons and allow the public to get up close to these amazing balloons.

The crowds were pretty thick, which made walking around the park a little difficult. It was amazing though, to see the fires shoot up in to the balloons. It lit up the entire area.

It was increadible how hot it was around the balloon baskets. The gas fires would shoot up a good 15 feet in to the balloon and it was just mesmerizing. We met up with our friend Elena and her boyfriend, David. The balloon glow was followed by fireworks and we had a great time eating corn dogs and watching the show!


Aili said...

I love the pictures! They remind me of fire-eaters at the circus... add corn dogs and its marvelous!

lucylucia said...

Thanks Aili! The kids would love it. They probably be scared of the fires, though. Regardless, I'm glad we went even if we did have to hoof it about 2 miles to get there.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

These are really nice shots! Well done!!