Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sister Trip 2009

Every year my sisters and I make a point of setting aside some time to get together as a group and hang out. Now, we see each other multiple times a week, but our "sister trips" are something special and usually involve leaving town. We were hoping to get to Memphis this year to spend a weekend, but scheduling just didn't work out. So we settled for a day-trip to Pere Marquette State Park in Illinois.

We met up this past Saturday morning and enjoyed some breakfast at St. Louis Bread Company (Panera Bread, to all you phillistines). I noticed that they have begun selling their own version of pain au chocolate and decided to give it a try. Not bad. If you can believe it though, Trader Joe's frozen cholocate croissants taste more like the ones I had in Paris.

We had planned on hiking some of the great trails at the park - as evidenced by our "hiking" gear. As in, we sprayed ourselves with OFF and then some of us wore sneakers. People, we are city girls. Anyways, it began to rain in earnest by the time we arrived at the park so we contented ourselves with taking ridiculous photos at the visitor's center.

Since it was raining/drizzling too much to take a long hike, we decided to drive through the park anyway. I am glad we did, since there were a number of pretty scenic lookouts.

And because it wouldn't be a sister trip without acting like 12 year olds, we decided to race eachother. Leanne and Caroline easily left Aili and I in the dust. I'd like to thing it has more to do with the maturity of age, you know, we're too dignified to run. Yeah right!

After our visit to Pere Marquette, we explored the town of Grafton Illinois. It was a cutie little town. On our way out we stopped by an adorable old-timey Candy Store.

We got some delicious fudge for the kiddoes and explored the rather interesting selection in the store (there were also moccasins and cowboy boots for sale).

It was a great sister day!


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Aw... What a fun day. Y'all are darling! I bet your parents loved this post :-)

Aili said...

Lucia.... tsk. tsk. So kind of you to try to minimize my embarrassment by including yourself in that race. The truth is, she was taking pics and could not possibly have participated. NO, it was just me left in the dust laughing my rear end off. I felt like I was in a dream...running and not getting anywhere!

lucylucia said...

JAPRA - It was a fun day - anytime all 4 of us can get together is an opportunity to be silly!

Aili - hey I wasn't being "kind"! You beat me in the second race, so since you lost to Caroline and Leanne, it only stands to reason that they would have beaten me too. Also, if you were as slow as you thought you were and you beat me by a mile, I think that means that I am officially a sloth. ha!

Shay said...

That picture of LeAnne is ADORABLE. She looks very "Goddess of Spring"--it should be her facebook profile pic.

lucylucia said...

Shalyn - I agree!

Anonymous said...

D'aww... thanks, Shay! I think I will do that. XD

Despite the rain we had lots of fun. Just being together always makes me happy, personally. :D We could be in a hole and have fun.