Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Homemade Chocolate Cake!

And this is why I LOVE Cook's Illustrated. Their cake recipes are truly fabulous - like this cocoa and esspresso based chocolate cake. My brother-in-law has a serious sweet tooth (which he rarely indulges) so I decided to bake him the mother of all chocolate cakes for his birthday - add some crushed heath bar in the middle and on top and you got yourself a party!


Lesley said...

OMG that looks sooooo good. i have a birthday coming

Aili said...

Let me just express how serious this cake was...we skipped entire meals to have a slice of it instead. Yummy!

Shay said...

Looks good!

Caroline said...

I want this served at my funeral so everyone can look like this:


instead of this


lucylucia said...

Lesley - You just let me know when your birthday is coming up! We need to celebrate the big 31!!

Aili - Thanks for the compliments!

Shalyn - Next time we get together we has to resurrect our "Nashville Cake" tradition.

Caroline - you make me laugh!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

You are a good sister in law! That looks incredible. Mmmmm... Chocolate!