Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Outing

The weather was beautiful last week. What made it even better was being on spring break and actually being able to enjoy it. My sister, Aili, called me (woke me) last Thursday morning to invite me and Caroline on a trek through Powder Valley. Since we can never spend enough time with the little ones, we readily agreed.

Missouri trees aren't quite bursting in to bloom just yet. Although it is going to happen any minute now.

What has started growing is the vines and shrubs underneath the trees. I love that new, young green that is all over the place in spring.

Maybe not new or young, but definitely green, don't you just love moss? Also this photo is my posting for our March Theme of the color green.

Is that just the neatest twisty vine, or what?!

Everything is new and exciting when seen through the eyes of a 3 year old.


Mama Nae said...

I love moss - and I love the twisty branch! It doesn't look natural - which makes it great!

We need to plan a photo trip to the MO Botanical Gardens soon! I have a double stroller and my camera - I'm ready!

lucylucia said...

I will totally go with you!! Let me know if you go on the weekends!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

What a beautiful walk through the woods. LOVE that twisty vine! And the last pic is precious.

Aili said...

It was a picture perfect fun to see it again.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Oh, moss! I love moss!

The kids are getting so big!


lucylucia said...

Moss is the best! I think we all agree. Sally, yes, the kids are growing each day and it's pretty scary how fast it is happening!