Thursday, December 4, 2008

7 Things

I've been "tagged" by Just A Plane Ride Away, my new and lovely blogger buddy. I'm new to the whole "meme" phenomenon so I will do my best!

Here are 7 random things about me:

1. I have serious texture issues. By that, I mean that I will not eat certain foods with a particular crunchy texture (think celery or onions); I can't wear certain types of clothes without wearing undershirts so they won't touch my skin (think wool) and I am extremely picky about my bedding or blankets or pillows, specifically because of how they feel when I touch them.

2. I developed a reputation in my family due to said texture issues for being difficult about food and clothes. It wasn't until I worked as a casemanager for developmentally disabled children that I realized I probably have some type of mild sensory integration disorder - as many of the children on my caseload exhibited the same texture difficulties along with their other developmental disabilities.

3. I enjoy spending time by myself. I probably need about 2 or more hours a day (1 hour during lunch and at least two 30 minute blocks when I get home and before bed) and I usually spend that time reading. This explains how I manage to read roughly one book per week.

4. I love hanging out with close friends and family - but throw me in to a group social setting with people I don't know well and I will develop an immediate headache. I think it's from smiling too much, but it happens every time.

5. I love maps. When I was 13 I wallpapered my bedroom with National Geographic maps, and yet remained startlingly ignorant of world geography. I thought Argentina was a large city until I was probably 15 or so. I still think it sounds like one, right? I've remedied this problem with a large world map in my current office, and enjoy spending time just looking at all the places in the world.

6. I will sometimes eat Honey Nut cheerios for breakfast and dinner for an entire work week - because I am just too tired to think of cooking when I get home. I almost always cook nice meals exclusively on the weekends.

7. I am in love with a new camel colored purse I bought last weekend.

Okay! Those are 7 random things about me. I tried to think of more obscure stuff for those of you who know me well. Now, I get to Tag my other friends. Feel free to do it if you have the time, and I think you have to link back to me and in the comments section to let me know once you have completed it. No obligation though!

1. Brian
2. Cayce
3. Janae
4. Sally
5. Tim


Big B said...

I finished my seven random things. fun!

Big B said...

Yeah, I love the dentist. I have never had a cavity and my saliva does not alllow plaque to build up, so minimal scraping. Vacuum helps me achieve a zen like state, especially if I can see the lines in the carpet.

Mama Nae said...

I did it...

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Great Seven Things!! I can totally relate to the maps on the wall. And I dearly loved my world atlas when I was a kid. I guess I was meant to travel :-)

That is interesting about the textures. I have never heard of that, but I do know someone who is sensitive to noises (crunching, gum chewing, etc).

Thanks for playing along :-)