Monday, June 23, 2008

Janae this one's for you...

I've been addicted to blog reading for about a year now and have steadfastly resisted publishing one of my own because I don't think I'm doing much that's interesting enough to post about and the thought of having to be witty and entertaining on demand is draining. After begging Janae to start her own family blog (I believe that children are a renewable source of witty anecdotes) she has, in turn, asked me to begin one of my own. I agreed because she suggested that I turn this blog into a fun photo blog/project (take a picture for every day of the year and post it) and I think that that is a fun, creative thing to do!

At this time I am eagerly awaiting my new camera (I heart - while not even close to Janae's digital SLR capability, (mine is an advanced point-and-shoot) hopefully I'll be able to take some fun photos over the course of the next year and learn about photography in general.

So, Janae this blog post is for you and I hope that we'll have fun mutually admiring each other's photo skillz.

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Mama Nae said...

Awwe! Yeah! I'm excited to have another blog to read everyday! Good luck in your 365 Day Project (I'm on day 5 of mine so far - it's Fun!)

Keep em coming!