Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sitges: Day Seven

Seven days in to our trip we decided to take a vacation! ha! Actually, most museums and attractions are closed on Mondays, so with very little to do in the city we escaped to the beach! Sitges (see-shuz) is a popular resort town about 30 minutes south of Barcelona.
Our plan that day was to do nothing but read, swim and eat. Sounds great, right? It was!
Sitges itself, is a cutie pie little town with plenty of shops and restaraunts lining the streets.
The weather was perfect, it was probably about 85 degrees with a warm breeze.
We rented some umbrellas and reclining chairs and staked out our little peice of the beach. Below, Leanne holds the remains of the jelly fish. Yes, we were interested but kind of grossed out as well.

There's not much to say about a day spent relaxing. Oh! Except for the fact that going topless is very common, so being surrounded by semi-nude bathers was interesting! Caroline had a hard time understanding moms running after their kids without tops on, but hey, to each their own! And no, none of us engaged in the local practice, we remained as covered up as any puritanical American.

On our way home, we misread the information at the train depot and ended up getting on the wrong train. I cannot emphasize enough how nerve wracking it can be when trying to figure out transportation! Thankfully, we were going in the right direction, so we just waited for the next stop, got off, and then waited for the correct train to stop by. Sounds simple, I know, but it involved tropping around an unfamiliar train station and trying to find a list of which trains go where! We were so relived when the next train went straight to our train station in Barcelona! 
Once home from the beach, we again strolled around Barcelona enjoying the street performers.

The photo below is as close as we came to bullfighting in Spain.  


Mama Nae said...

Comment! (haha) Love it....

lucylucia said...

Ha Janae! Thanks!

Aili said...

When the topless moms were running around, was everyone looking? :)

lucylucia said...

aili - no one looked at all!