Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tourist in My Own City

A few weeks ago old high school friend from Dallas, Rachael, contacted me over facebook to let me know she was going to be in the area and would I have time for a visit? Of course, I said "yes!" and plans were born for Rachael to drive over from Kansas City to spend the weekend in St. Louis.

What made it so fun for me, though, was that Rachael and I haven't spoken in a good 15 years! We wrote each other letters (this was before the days everyone used email!) through our first couple of years of college and then lost touch. How lovely, then, to reconnect with a friend and spend time getting to know each other again.

Rachael is a Foreign Service Oficer for the Department of State and goodness, did I enjoy hearing all about her travel adventures.

We spent last Saturday visiting the Arch, I bought tickets to go to the top ahead of time, having learned my lesson the last time I visited and sadly learned that tickets sell out quickly (sorry Laura!). The little cabins are no place for the claustrophobic, and getting to the top was an experience. After the arch I took Rachael to the Soulard Farmer's Market, where we found this totally cute tiny donut machine and don't you want to try one?! Well, we did and they were delicious!

After our teeny tiny desserts, we made our way to Bogart's BBQ, and enjoyed some of the best BBQ available in St. Louis. Below, I will give you a behind the scenes look at food photography. Impressive, no?

After lunch I dragged Rachael to one of my favorite Art Museums in St. Louis, the Pulitzer Foundation For the Arts. Unfortunately, they do not allow photography inside the building, so no luck there. But we did enjoy walking in to the wonderful Richard Serra sculpture in the courtyard and relaxed a bit when we visited the reflecting pool.
Overall I had a wonderful time reconnecting with an old friend and visiting some of my favorite St. Louis spots. It reminds me that I live in a pretty cool place.

Well, it's 5 days and counting until I leave with my two sisters to visit Spain! Until then, Adios!


Sarah M. Anderson said...

I expect LOTS of pictures from Spain!

lucylucia said...

You get them Sally, you will get them.

Laura said...

Okay, trying again to post a comment. You didn't take Rachel to "Jugs" or whatever that place was we ended up, ha!! Love the pictures!!