Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Moving isn't very fun. Last night, Caroline and I sorted through 4 years of accumulated stuff in our basement which seemed like it took forever. On the bright side, city scavengers will hit the jackpot if they stop at our curb: there you will find a gently used folding chair, a used computer monitor, and my first set of pots and pans that I bought for about $40 in graduate school.

On the even brighter side, we're hiring movers this time instead of using the backs of my family members which are free (thanks family for all of the previous moves!). I was full of gratitude to these movers by the way, when I was packing 6 huge boxes of books and am so thankful that I will not be the one moving them!


Aili said...

So are we, Lu...so are we! :)

Julia said...

we are so in denial saeth the the 4Dings. Last night after you left your boyfriend (luv bug) was pawing at the door handle to try and follow you home!!

Nanner said...

Movers are SO worth the money.

lucylucia said...

Aili - I know. I don't think our aging backs could take another move!

Julia - waaahhhh!!! We'll just have to be intentional about getting together for dinner - like you guys coming ove rto the new place and me making YOU dinner for once!

Hannah - no kidding!! I think Caroline and I made the right call fo sho!

LauraBlab said...

Well, I moved in September, and I still have boxes in my attic I have yet to tackle. I feel your pain..but it is worth it!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Oh, moving is no fun, but I know you're going to have so much fun in your new home!

We love movers too. With all of our international moves, we've been lucky to have guys pack for us too. What a luxury!