Thursday, April 30, 2009

Evil Has A Face

Oh, isn't he sooooo cute!? What a darling baby squirrel. Or so I thought when I spied this little munchkin on the lawn as I was heading in to my apartment after work. Of course, I stopped and started cooing at the wee babe. I was greeted with these horrific snorts and the crazy thing started charging at me and chasing me all over the lawn.

I barely made it in to my building with the little devil hot on my heels.

He looks so sweet on the other side of the glass. Kind of like little Oliver Twist - "Please ser, may I have a wee bit 'o porridge?"

My sister, hearing my yells came out and was as surprised as I was to see the tiny demon trying to charge the door and chirping horrible oaths. He didn't stop trying to find a way in until he couldn't see us on the other side of the glass. He eventually scampered under the bushes. No doubt hatching evil plans for an ambush. I am going to be extra cautious tomorrow morning as I walk to my car.


lo said...

That is FREAKING HILARIOUS. I will carry it with me, as a decanter to shine light in dark places.

AWESOME. I wonder what the cats would do? Archer can be pretty fearless sometimes... remember that time with the deer?

Our squirrels here on campus are these huge, reddish, gentle giants with busy tails. I often see one literally just chillin' like a villain in the tree outside my window.


lucylucia said...

Well, I don't how awesome it was getting about a hair's breath away from RABIES, but yes it was pretty funny once there was a door in the way!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Is it wrong to laugh? A lot?

lo said...

They actually don't carry rabies. The only reason I know this is because they didn't force me to get a rabies shot when I volunteered at the Wildlife Center, working with the squirrel babies. The possums and rabbits were fine, too.

Couldn't go near the foxes or raccoons, though.

Mama Nae said...

That is TOO FUNNY! What a tiny little cutie pie! I can't believe how brave he was to actually chase you into your house! And then hold you hostage!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Woa! Was there a nest somewhere?! Killer squirrel!

lucylucia said...

At first I thought he had rabies, but since my sister pointed out that they don't carry it - he WAS brave! And he was not going to be defeated - he was trying to find a way in to our building for at least 10 minutes. Hilarious!

Shay said...

First off, this is, indeed, hilarious.

Oliver Twist, however, was NOT IRISH. It's "Please, sir, can I have some more?" Not, "can I have a wee bit o' the porridge."